This is a full synthetic lubricant based on carefully selected very high quality base oils. It is a hydraulic "multipurpose" fluid specifically designed for the use in all circuits and in a temperature range between -40°C and 130°C.This fluid has a very high viscosity index, an exceptional oxidation stability, anti-foam and anti-rust properties. It has a unique friction reducing additive for reduction of wear and noise production of the hydraulic pump

Уровень исполнения

  • CHRYSLER: MS 5931
  • CHRYSLER: MS-11655B
  • DTFR 31B120
  • FORD: WSS-M2C204-A
  • GM: 9985835
  • ISO 7308
  • MAN: M3289
  • MB: 345.0 / 345.1
  • OPEL: GM 1940766
  • PSA S712710
  • SAAB: 9-3 power steering
  • SAAB: 9-5 power steering
  • VOLVO: 1161529-1
  • VW: TL 521.46
  • ZF: TE-ML 02K
  • ZF: TE-ML 09B


This multipurpose fluid is to be used in the following applications : hydraulic suspensions, shock absorbers, hydrostatic controls, centralized hydraulic circuits, power steerings and level controls. It is also suitable for suspension and steering wheel systems of MAN trucks.

Can be used for all cars requiring 11S


  Unit Average Value
Плотность при 15 °C kg/l 0.818
Вязкость при 40 °C mm²/s 17.90
Вязкость при 100 °C mm²/s 6.12
Вязкость при минус 20 °C mm²/s 248
Коэффициент вязкости 340
Температура вспышки по Кливленду °C 174
Температура застывания °C -63
Цвет green


12x1L 4x4L 3x5L 20L 60L 210L IBC

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