Synthetic brake fluid, intended for hydraulic brake systems, where a superior quality is required. Its composition provides a high chemical stability, excellent resistance against residues, high resistance against oxidation and can be used with all materials, normally used in brake systems.

Уровень исполнения

  • FMVSS: 116 DOT 4
  • FMVSS: 116 DOT 5.1
  • FMVSS: 116 DOT3
  • ISO: 4925 Class 3&4
  • ISO: 4925 Class 5.1
  • SAE: J 1703
  • SAE: J 1704


It is used in all hydraulic brake systems (including ABS), for which manufacturers require a fluid, meeting the characteristics mentioned hereunder.Also suited as power steering and torque convertor fluid. Application field: from -40°C till 270°C.


  Unit Average Value
Плотность при 20 °C kg/l 1.069
Вязкость при 100 °C mm²/s 2.16
Вязкость при минус 40 °C mm²/s 810
Температура вспышки OM °C 150
Температура начала кипения (рефлюкс) °C 263
Температура кипения с содержанием влаги °C 190
pH -50 % в растворе этанола 7.49


24X500ML 10x1L 4x5L 20L 55L IBC

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