Monograde oil for the lubrication of most petrol and diesel engines. This oil combines excellent anti-wear and anti-sludge properties with a good detergent activity.

Performance level

  • API: SF/CC
  • MB: 226.0
  • MIL: MIL-L-2104 B
  • MIL: MIL-L-46152 B


This oil can be used in the following applications : atmospheric aspirated diesel for operation in normal conditions; gasoline engines for cars and light trucks. May not be used in turbo diesel engines.


  Unit Average Value
Density at 15°C kg/l 0.864
Viscosity 40°C mm²/s 38.20
Viscosity 100°C mm²/s 5.60
Viscosity -25°C mPas 6000
Viscosity index 98
Flash point COC °C 205
Pour point °C -30
Total base number mgKOH/g 3.6
Sulphated ash content % 0.55


12x1L 4x4L 4x5L 20L 60L 210L IBC